Who’s Next To Hit 600 Home Runs?

This last week Albert Pujols joined the six hundred home run club joining elite company with only eight others to ever do it before he did. He might have a chance to join the seven hundred home run club but it will be tough with him turning 40 years old in only three more years. Now the question is who will be the next player to accomplish the incredible feat of joining the six hundred home run club?
There really is only one name that comes to mind in terms of joining the six hundred home run club in the next few years – Miguel Cabbrera. He’s currently at 451 homers, so, he could join the club within five to seven seasons barring an serious injury or drop off in talent. He’s thirty four years old now so he will likely need all of his remaining years to reach the milestone but it is certainly within the realm of possibility.
There are also a bunch of much younger players who have the chance of getting to that plateau in their careers so long as they continue on the pace that their on currently. One such player is Bryce Harper who is still over four hundred and fifty homers away from the mark. However, he has the power and the numbers in hist first few seasons to do it. Plus, assuming he plays until he’s forty he’ll have at least fifteen more seasons to get to that point. Mike trout’s another young name that comes up in this conversation. He is twenty five and already has a hundred and eighty four home runs. So, he also has about fifteen seasons to reach the six hundred mark with a little over four hundred homers to go. The only problem is he just suffered his first serious injury so it’s yet to be seen how much time he’ll miss and how his power will be affected when he returns.One thing is for sure, it will be close to half a decade before we see someone else reach the six hundred home run mark.