Top Five Stangest Sports in the World

A sport involves physical activities and competition. The world is packed with strange people doing strange things for entertainment and fame.Everyone has heard of soccer,netball,bungee jumping,scuba diving and other conventional sports,but there are other unique sports in the world.They are thrilling,weird and some are hilarious. Some are dangerous and life-threatening. These are not games that feature in the Olympics. Some are cultural practices while others are just crazy inventions.Let us look at some of the strangest sports in the world.

1. Wife carrying

As the name suggests, men race while carrying their wives either on their backs,hanging upside down or on their shoulders across different surfaces. The first couple to complete the race takes the price. A man may come up with a new style of carrying the woman.This strange sport takes place in Finland and has slowly been adopted in North America. The hilarious part is the reward. The winner’s wife is weighed, and the man is awarded beer of the same weight as the wife. Men with heavier wives have an added advantage in this sport This does not go down well with feminists who perceive this as demeaning,but at the end of the day,the main idea is to have fun. It is quite therapeutic for couples. It is a great bonding session and a great way to enhance teamwork.

2. Extreme Ironing

Ironing can be annoying and tiresome as a chore,but believe it or not,some people iron for fun.This sport is very extreme. Picture a person ironing while standing on top of a cliff,skiing ,canoeing or under the ocean. This is what happens in extreme ironing competitions.These competitors carry their ironing boards,clothing and wireless irons to these weird locations. The opponents call themselves ironists. They make ironing look very simple. It is an adrenaline-filled and exciting sport for the adventure lovers. It is always an excellent idea to get in touch with nature and have fun at the same time.

3. Gurning

This competition is the most hilarious of all sports. A fully grown human being wears a horse-collar and competes to make the ugliest face among the competitors. As strange and laughable as it sounds,people do this in Britain and win a title. The champion has to defend this hard-earned title in the next competition. The more hideous the face,the higher the chances of winning.There are cash prizes that people win. This competition is held annually in various villages. It was first held in 1267 in Egremont Crab Fair.

4. Finger Wrestling

This sport is held in Germany and is famously known as fingerhakein. Two gentlemen of the same age and weight sit facing each other, and a table is placed between them.A leather band is used as a hurdle to separate the fingers of the two competitors. Each man tries to pull the competitor’s finger over a marked boundary. As petty as this sport looks,the participants do not take anything to chance.It is a serious sport. It was used in the past to resolve disputes. The winner would have his way.

5. Bossaball

Forget basketball,tennis and the popular soccer games. This sport is a combination of football,volleyball, and gymnastics. It was first played in Spain and introduced professionally in 2004. Two teams play on an inflated court with trampolines on the sides of the net. The players can strike the ball with their hands and feet. They can also do back flips and other gymnastics while at it. The trampolines enable the players to bounce high up and hit the ball across the net. The sport is accompanied by samba music. The game consists of four players,two on each side This is one of the best ideas of the 21st century. It is a game worth watching.
It is always great to stray from the norm. Attempting something new is thrilling and fun. A new sport is a great way to unwind.
It is, however, important to exercise caution when attempting some of these sports.The competitors take many hours of training to perfect their acts. These sports can be life-threatening, and amateurs should take extra caution.Life is short.Go out and iron on mountain tops or in the middle of a dense forest. Call that adventurous friend and organize a finger wrestling or better still sign up for the gurning competition.