Notre Dame Is Finally Moving Into Corporate Sponsorship

Notre Dame is finally putting serious consideration into allowing corporate sponsorships because such sponsorships could potentially generate well over ten million dollars annually for the school. The school has spent it’s entire hundred and fifty year plus history avoiding any corporate sponsorship mainly as a means of maintaining and lending credence to it’s super pure image and brand. However, that likely won’t be impacted much if at all if they start mild corporate partnering now.
The school has only opened bidding privately to companies that they think will help reflect and share the school’s squeaky clean reputation. According to reports, Notre Dame is currently only considering one company out of for all of which are either of the sports or financial variety. This deal would be for limited commercial rights and would be a first of it’s kind for Notre Dame. A decision is expected to be made before the football season begins in August.

NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL — Pictured: Notre Dame Football Logo — NBC Photo