Harlem Lacrosse Program Makes Pushes Disadvantaged Students To Graduate

A Harlem lacrosse that was founded in 2008 by teacher Simon Cataldo as a means to get through to troubled and/or disadvantaged students. It worked wonders and has expanded to eleven programs across three inner-cities – New York, Boston and Baltimore. The program now aids over 450 students every year and is still growing as you read this. The program accepts special ed students as well as students administrators identify as most susceptible to “academic decline.” Since it’s inception the program has seen 100% of students who stick with the program graduate middle school on time.
Many of the students in the program are minorities and, based on their families incomes, qualify for reduced lunch suggesting a high level of poverty. Those enrolled have also earned fifteen million dollars in scholarships since the start of the program. So what exactly is the program? Well, it’s a lacrosse league as the name aptly suggests. However, as you can see based on it’s massive success, it is much more than that as well. There is a large group of support that comes with it via coaches and staff that aid children in the program with their studies.
To get a better idea about the Harlem Lacrosse program take a look at this video!