Are The Patriots Really The Best Ever? Yes.

With their fifth super bowl in sixteen years, out of only seven tries and of the Brady-Belichick era the Patriots have firmly cemented themselves as the best head coach / quarterback combo ever, Tom Brady as the best quarterback ever and as the greatest single team ever. Let’s not forget to mention they are in the top three, if not top two, of the greatest franchise ever conversation. The only blemish on their record being their two giant losses to Eli Manning in the Super Bowl.

They are a team that most people dislike or even hate outside of their own fan-base yet the same fans can almost all likely agree on a certain level of respect for the Patriots. That is rare in sports. The Cowboys of the 90’s never got the respect they deserved from outside fans and neither did the Yankees of the 90’s. There’s just something about the extreme longevity and incredible ways in which the Patriots have continued to win over the years.

The fact of the matter is that they have gone to a record nine Super Bowls and have won five. The Steelers have gone to eight and won six and the Cowboys have gone to eight and won five. That’s it. That’s the greatest ever conversation right there – those three. You can discuss and figure it out for yourselves but it’s hard to argue against the Patriots at this point.